We are experienced in dealing with both residential and commercial conveyancing for our clients.


Residential Conveyancing


Selling/Buying Property

The buying and/or selling of a house can be very stressful and people need expert legal advice and assistance to steer them through the process.

In respect of selling we will obtain full details of the title to the property and prepare the contract. We will guide our clients in respect of completing the necessary information forms. We will deal with the buyer’s solicitors to answer any enquiries raised and to approve a transfer deed. If there is a mortgage we will obtain details of the amount outstanding and deal with repayment of the mortgage on completion. We will arrange to exchange contracts and complete the sale and forward the balance due to our client without delay.

In respect of buying a survey of the property is advisable and we can advise about the different types of survey. We would arrange to obtain the necessary searches such as local search, water and drainage search and also where necessary a mining search and environmental search. We will advise on the results of these searches. We will obtain the draft contract and title documents from the seller’s solicitor and ensure these are in order. We will raise any necessary enquiries with the seller’s solicitors. We will prepare the transfer deed. We will deal with the lender if there is to be a mortgage to ensure that the mortgage advance is received on completion. We will arrange for the necessary Land Registry search and any other relevant searches prior to completion. Following completion we will register the client’s name as owner of the property.

If a client is selling a property and buying another property we will ensure that both transactions are dealt with together so that contracts are exchanged at the same time and completion on both transactions is simultaneous.

We will keep the client informed throughout and ensure that a suitable completion date is agreed.


Transfers of Equity

We act for clients in respect of a transfer of a property from one name into joint names following a marriage or a transfer from joint names into one name following a divorce.



We act for clients who are moving there mortgage from one lender to another or taking out a second mortgage. We can ensure that the legal requirements of the lender are advised upon and complied with.



We advise Landlords on the granting of leases or tenancies and prepare the necessary documents. We also advise Tenants on any proposed documents and suggest any amendments.


Commercial Property Transactions


Commercial Sale/Purchase

We will advise and prepare the necessary contract and documents in relation to the sale of a commercial property.

We will advise and undertake the necessary searches and prepare the necessary documents in respect of the purchase of a commercial property.


Commercial Leases

We advise Landlords on the granting of leases in respect of commercial property and prepare the necessary documents. We also advise Tenants on a proposed Lease of commercial; property and suggest necessary amendments.


Conveyancing Fees

At the beginning we will provide a full breakdown of the our legal fees and the relevant additional costs for searches and other necessary fees. View our fees here, or alternatively please contact our Conveyancing Department for a quote.